Why my Amana washer shaking violently & How to stop it?

You load your washer and notice something unusual – your Amana washer shaking violently during the spin or drain cycle.

It normally happens due to an imbalanced load and improper leveling of the washer.

Even, damaged shock absorbers and loose suspension springs also cause this shaking moves.

Whatever the reasons, fortunately, each problem has a corresponding solution.

We’ll explore these causes and provide both basic and advanced steps to get it back to a stable, smooth spin.

How to stops Amana washer shaking violently- Basic steps to try

amana washer shaking violently

When your Amana washer shaking violently, you should try these below basic steps to fix this issue.

These troubleshooting may stop your Amaan washing machine shaking and vibrating problem.

Let’s go with these steps:

You should level the washer

These basic steps apply to both top load and front load washers.

Amana washers need to be properly leveled and placed on a stable surface. If it isn’t balanced on all four legs can vibrate and bounce, causing noise and discomfort.

level to check

Use a bubble level to check if your washer is level from side to side and front to back. Adjust the leveling feet accordingly to ensure it’s stable on the floor.

Additionally, ensure your washer isn’t in direct contact with other appliances or walls, as this can amplify vibrations. Allow for some space between the washer and its surroundings.

Evenly distribute the load

Evenly distribute the load

Overloading the washer or having an uneven distribution of clothes inside the drum can lead to violent shaking for both top and front load washer.

To resolve this issue, always ensure to evenly distribute your laundry in the drum before starting a cycle.

Avoid overloading the machine, as this can also lead to balance problems. You might consider repositioning bulky items or adding a few smaller items to balance the load.

Check for Foreign Objects

Sometimes, small objects like coins or buttons can get lodged in the drum’s drum. Make sure to check the drum for any foreign objects that might be causing imbalance.

Check Amana washer Shock absorber ( for front load washer only)

Amana washer Shock

Amana front load washers are equipped with shock absorbers that dampen vibrations.

If one or more shock are damaged or broken, your washer may shake and vibrate.

Check if any of these shock absorbers are damaged or loose. If they are in poor condition, replacing them can help reduce vibrations.

Amana washer shakes violently- advanced steps to try

When the above steps can’t stop the shaking, try out the below advanced solution to fix it.

Check the Drum Springs( for front loader only)

Check the Drum Springs

If your washer continues to shake violently, inspect the drum springs.

These springs help stabilize the drum during spin cycles. If any springs are broken or worn out, they should be replaced.

Amana washer Suspension Rods (for top load washer only)

Amana washer suspension rod

Amana washers also feature suspension rods that help maintain balance. If these rods are damaged or weakened, they can contribute to excessive shaking.

Check and Replace any faulty suspension rods.

Check the Drive Belt( for top loader only)

drive belt

A worn or damaged drive belt can cause the drum to spin unevenly, leading to violent shaking.

Check the condition of the drive belt and replace the belt, if necessary.

Amana washer drum dropped

If the drum of your Amana washer has dropped or become misaligned, it can indeed lead to excessive shaking and vibration during the wash or spin cycles.

The drum’s proper alignment and balance are crucial for the washer’s smooth operation.

Learn the quick fixes if your Amana washer drum dropped.

Is the spin speed is high?

If yes, lower the spin speed setting on your washer, especially when dealing with heavier loads.

Slower spin speeds can help reduce shaking and strain on the machine.

Use Anti-Vibration Pads

Use Anti-Vibration Pads

Invest in anti-vibration pads designed for washing machines. These pads help absorb vibrations and reduce noise and provide a smoother laundry experience.

Anti-vibration pads can be used for both top and front load washers to reduce shaking and noise.

Never Washing Single Items

Washing a single heavy item, like a large rug or putting wig into the dryer or washer can throw off the balance of your washer.

Whenever possible, wash similar items together to distribute the weight more evenly.

Calibrate to stop Amana washer shaking problems

Some Amana front and top load washer models allow you to calibrate the machine to ensure it spins smoothly.

Refer to your user manual to see if your Amana washer has this feature and how to use it.

Calibration can help the washer detect the load balance more accurately.

Final thought

With our above basic and advanced level troubleshooting steps, we can assure you to resolve the problem if your Amana washer shaking violantly.

Start with the basics – leveling, load distribution, and checking for foreign objects. If the issue persists, move on to the advanced steps like examining springs and suspension rods.


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